We Are Vyve
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Vyve is not your typical company.

You’ll notice the difference in our three amazing products: We are delivering the fastest Internet speeds up to 1 Gigabit. Vyve has ridiculously reliable phone with unlimited digital calling and web access to your voicemail and settings. And if you’re looking for entertainment, we’ve got all-digital, crystal clear HDTV in most of our markets.

You’ll notice the difference in our people, too. With Vyve, you can expect service with a smile today and every day. You’ll hear the smile in our voices and feel the pride in our actions. That pride comes from the American values we all share. An honest day’s work. That’s Vyve. We worked hard to create the broadband company you would build for yourself. Here’s a little shameless self-promotion to prove it. So let a little Vyve into your life—or a lot of Vyve—the choice is yours.

What Vyve Does

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Vyve is a “high-speed, no-holds-barred, access to your entertainment, social life and work life” company.

We’ve been working non-stop, upgrading and enhancing our infrastructure to create a world-class network of services, built around you. We’re freeing up—and speeding up—the way you live it up. It starts with a blazing-fast fiber network that will deliver up to 105Mbps Internet speeds in most of our markets. Download HD movies and TV shows, game online, stream music, send emails, upload videos, surf websites—all at the same time, with no lagging and no waiting. And if you’re looking for entertainment, we’ve got all-digital, crystal clear HDTV in most markets. With Vyve Broadband, there’s no limit to what you will be able to do!

We’re Not “Business as Usual.”

At Vyve, we’re committed to your TOTAL SATISFACTION, delivering the best customer service with no excuses. And we’re not stopping there. We’ve upgraded our equipment to ensure that our network operates at peak performance. From our fleet of new service vehicles, to the new look of our employee uniforms, we mean it when we say we’re bringing a whole new Vyve to home and business communications.

Vyve Team

Meet an unusual team that’s getting unusual results.

They drink a lot of coffee and get very little sleep in their continuing pursuit to provide residents and businesses with access to the latest and the most advanced technology. Led by industry leaders Jeffrey DeMond and Andrew Kober, Vyve is delivering true HD and the fastest broadband services to our customers to allow them to share, entertain and conduct business better. Our team is driven by the belief that customers should be empowered with plenty of options to allow them to build broadband that’s just right for their needs. And that’s not business as usual.

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Jeffrey S. DeMond

President & Chief Executive Officer

Advisory Board

Andrew C. Kober

Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Advisory Board

Marie Censoplano

Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary

Advisory Board

John Gibbs

Senior Vice President Business Services

Diane Quennoz

Senior Vice President Marketing & Customer Experience

Daniel White

Senior Vice President Financial Planning

Angela Conklin

Senior Vice President Human Resources

Jeffrey DeMedeiros

Vice President Corporate Controller

Alex Harris

Vice President Network Planning