Keep on top of your data usage with MyDataMeter.

MyDataMeter is Vyve’s FREE online tool for up-to-date information on your data usage. No need to worry, MyDataMeter doesn’t monitor what content you’re uploading or downloading—just how much you’re using.

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  • Log in to your personalized account
  • Set up automatic usage alerts
  • Call 1.855.FOR.VYVE to pick a speed and plan that’s right for you
  • MyDataMeter is a FREE online tool that will enable you to monitor your current data usage. It also provides information on how much data you used in the past two months. That way, you can identify your data usage trends and see how much data you need on average.

  • Absolutely not! MyDataMeter only measures the amount of data used each billing period. It does not monitor what websites you visit or what you choose to upload or download. MyDataMeter can only do one thing: measure data usage.

  • Every time you send, receive, upload or download information over the Internet, you use data. MyDataMeter measures the amount of data you use during a billing period.

  • It’s not how long you’re online that matters; it’s what you’re choosing to upload or download that counts toward your overall data usage. For example, you could send thousands of emails and watch hundreds of one-minute videos and still not come close to reaching your chosen plan’s data amount. However, if you’re downloading a dozen HD movies every day, you’ll notice that you’re using a lot more data. MyDataMeter enables you to keep track of your data usage so you can decide how you want to use the Internet.

  • Don’t worry, we’ll keep you informed! We’ll send you an email alert when you reach 50%, 75%, 90% and 100% of your chosen plan.

  • Nope! You’ll still enjoy the same Vyve-tastic speed as before. You’ll simply be charged an additional $10 per month for every additional 50GB of data.

  • You sure can. Just call 1.855.FOR.VYVE and we’ll help you pick a plan that’s right for you.

  • Just log in to your personalized account. You’ll need your Vyve account number, located on your monthly statement, and the ZIP code of the billing address.