There’s no place like Vyve for home phone.

So it may not connect you to Emerald City, but you can connect pretty much anywhere else in the country with Unlimited Nationwide calling starting at $9.95/month for 1 year.*

Don’t miss another call…unless you want to.

With crystal-clear voice quality, you can be sure to stay connected and never miss a moment of the conversation. But with caller ID and digital voicemail, you can also avoid those calls you may not have time (or patience) for.

Unlimited Nationwide Calling

Call your Aunt Agnes in Anchorage, Alaska. Call your friend Floyd in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. And call anyone else just about anywhere else in between all for one low, flat monthly rate.

Starting at $9.95/month*

We have all the bells and whistles, but we think you’ll really love these three.

Icon: Digital Voicemail

Digital Voicemail

With digital voicemail, there’s no such thing as a “missed call.”

Icon: Call Waiting

Call Waiting

Catch one call without dropping another thanks to call waiting.

Icon: Three-Way-Calling


Three isn’t a crowd with the crystal-clear quality of our three-way calling.

Get more control over the Vyve phone features you want.

Icon: Caller ID

Caller ID

Screen your phone calls with a little help from our caller ID services.

Icon: Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding

Easily and conveniently redirect calls wherever you want them to go.

Icon: E-911 Service

E-911 Service

Enhanced 911 allows emergency services to quickly locate and respond to calls.

Icon: Crystal-Clear Audio Quality

Crystal-Clear Audio Quality

Sorry, but you can’t blame missing something on poor call quality anymore.

Icons: TV, Internet, and Phone

The more you Vyve, the more you save!

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We promise, we won’t hold your poor phone quality against you. We’re just here to help.