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Vyve Broadband was founded by former executives of Bresnan Communications. They have a long and impressive track record of serving small markets with the latest technology and a focus on what customers need and want – not to mention great customer service. Bresnan Communications was originally formed in 1984 by cable pioneer Bill Bresnan and focused on video and data services to markets in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. The company reached 690,000 customers before being sold to Charter Communications in 2000. Bresnan re-entered the cable/telecom business in 2003 with the purchase of cable systems in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Utah. The company successfully executed a plan of dramatic capital investment, followed by the rapid introduction of video, phone and data services for residential and commercial customers that rivaled any of the services available to America’s largest cities. After achieving top performance and service levels, the company was sold to Cablevision in 2010.

Vyve Broadband was launched with the acquisition of broadband assets in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Wyoming, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Georgia in mid 2013. Vyve delivers true HD and the fastest broadband services to customers in the heartland. They believe residents and businesses should have access to the latest, most advanced technology to be able to do things they want easily: share, entertain and conduct business, better.

The management team has added seasoned senior executives from top industry operators such as Insight and Mediacom, and an investor base with significant experience in the broadband sector. Vyve’s primary investor is BBH Capital Partners (BBHCP), the private equity investing platform of Brown Brothers Harriman & Company. BBHCP’s primary focus is to invest in owner-operated companies that seek flexible and patient capital in growth oriented businesses. Brown Brothers Harriman & Company, through multiple private equity partnership vehicles, has extensive experience investing in several sectors within the telecommunications industry, including cable, LECs, CLECs, wireless and infrastructure. Cumulatively, the firm has invested approximately $750 million in 15 portfolio companies across the sector.

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