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Your Favorite Channels in All-Digital, Eye-Popping HD!

Vyve TV delivers the most popular networks in All-Digital HD! Feel free to bring your own Netflix, Hulu and YouTube to the party, and we’ll hook you up with live, local channels, award-winning integrated TiVo® search and the fastest Internet in town for superior streaming.

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All of Your Favorite Networks Right at Your Fingertips!

With our ever expanding cable TV lineup, your options will keep getting better. Check out your Channel Lineup to find your favorite shows in your area!

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All-In-One Access, Meet Vyve® XSTREAM™ TV

Never toggle between inputs again—Vyve® XSTREAM™ TV combines your live Vyve TV with your over-the-top favorites, like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube, and it’s directly hooked up to your crazy-fast Vyve Internet.

  • Brings together your Vyve Internet and Vyve TV line-up.
  • Innovative, user-friendly TiVo® guide!
  • Integrated search conveniently provides results from live TV (and upcoming episodes), Netflix, Hulu and YouTube.
  • Search by actor or program name!
  • Navigate it all with one remote, no toggling inputs!
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TiVo Whole Home DVR from Vyve

Vyve Whole Home DVR powered by TiVo

Our Ultimate Whole Home DVR Entertainment experience provides simultaneous recording capability (up to 6) and playback in every room!

  • Plus, navigate to Hulu, Netflix and YouTube all in one customer-friendly, TiVo® interface.
  • Search for programs by title or actor and see results from all platforms, all in one view—including your linear Vyve line-up and favorite over-the-top video applications.

Free WatchTVEverywhere!

With Vyve TV, your mobile device just became a mobile TV with over 80 networks available (and growing!). That’s right, with our FREE WatchTVEverywhere service, you can take your TV to-go. It works anywhere you have a strong Internet signal—your house, your office, at a hotel—anywhere. Stream live TV like ESPN, and watch full episodes of current shows within days of airtime on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. WatchTVEverywhere mobilizes your TV line-up.

TO REGISTER: Just visit with your Vyve account number—you’ll need to fill out a simple form to register. Sorry for the paperwork, but it’s so worth it.

Here’s a quick video that shows how easy it is to register.

TO WATCH: Either visit or download your favorite network apps at the App Store or Google Play and log-in with your WatchTVEverywhere username and password!

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The Vyve HD Guide Experience

Your HD Set-Top Box is loaded with the Vyve HD Guide Experience, powered by TiVo®. The Vyve HD Guide experience, powered by TiVo®, makes finding exactly what you want to watch fun and easy. For more information and instructions to help you navigate, download this guide.

Vyve HD Guide powered by TiVo