Local provider Vyve Broadband invests in Perryton

Local provider Vyve Broadband invests in Perryton

Local provider Vyve Broadband invests in Perryton 150 150 Vyve Broadband

Local provider Vyve Broadband invests in Perryton

Vyve Announces Enhancements to Improve Overall Reliability and Customer Satisfaction

Vyve Broadband has announced recent network and product upgrades that significantly improve overall customer experience in the Perryton community.

On their mission to provide the best communciations services, Vyve has overhauled their network to minimize the chances of customer impact if damage to their fiber network occurs and invested millions of private capital to increase Internet speeds more than 20 times what was previously available. New circuits are now in place that provide dual redundancy and new technologies have been implemented to provide technicians greater insight into network performance and visibility into service issues before they impact customers in Perryton.

Vyve now offers 200 megabit-per-second Internet service, Vyve® XSTREAM™ TV, which provides access to their live HD lineup (a substantial upgrade from the previously analog standard definition video platform), as well as Netflix, Hulu and other popular streaming services right from the TV menu, navigated with a brand new innovative Voice Remote, and unlimited nationwide phone service, at the best prices in Perryton.

“Vyve customers can literally add phone to their account for under $10 a month, they can refer friends and save up to $120 a year on their bill, they can even add unlimited data to avoid unexpected overages,” said Jeff Beck, General Manager for Vyve across the Panhandle region. “We’ve really invested not only in technology, but in all areas to improve customer satisfaction.”

From the day Vyve began serving Perryton six years ago, community service has been a core focus. “Whether we’re lifting Santa up at the annual tree lighting, sponsoring a golf tournament or attending a Chamber Banquet, we feel strongly that contributing to the community is just as important as providing the best communications services in town,” added Beck.

Recently, Vyve hired new leadership who is building a team to service the Panhandle region and rolled out a program offering free local service on Internet. “It’s important to us that our customers are happy, we’d heard a lot of folks were hesitating to have a technician visit their home so we did away with charging for service appointments,” Beck shared. “If you need help, give us a shout and someone from our local team will come by to be sure you’re satisfied, free of charge.”

If you’re interested in Vyve Broadband or have any questions about your existing Vyve service, please reach out to 855-LUV-VYVE for assistance.